Welcome to Netinfo Distribution Page.

NetInfo - project for network managment & control, allow users to generate configuration files from moulds, manage network info, control services and view network statistic via HTTP. It's mrtg-compatible.

Written in php & C++.


  • [15.04.2005] Netinfo CVS service started. See CVS access information section for detailes.
  • [14.04.2005] Updated English documentation is availible.
  • [11.04.2005] Netinfo 0.0.4 released. Monitoring module is availible.
    		* Monitoring component is availible now.
    		* New fast concept of statistic data storage (dump file) - very fast operations.
    		* 3 types of counters are availible now: external programm (EXEC), SNMP-agent and SNMP Mac-based agent.
    		* Configuration via web interface only, no difficult configs.
    		* Bug fixes.
    		* Russian documentation.
  • [27.03.2005] Netinfo mailing list is now availible here: netinfo-devel@lists.sycore.org
  • [13.03.2005] Better English documentation is availible now (better English translation).
  • [05.03.2005] Netinfo 0.0.3 released. English version is availible now!
    		* Service can be restarted separatly.
    		* Feature: list menu. Optional.
    		* Better backup's filenames.
    		* No sql-warnings.
    		* Hide type field - one click to switch value.
    		* English translation.

Getting and Learning about NetInfo


Feel free to send comments, feedback, bug reports, etc, to the Netinfo mailing list.

Mailing List

Subscribe to Netinfo-devel mailing list or view archive.

ScreenShots (Russian version)

List edit
List setup
Mould edit

Netinfo CVS Repository Access

Like many other open source projects, Netinfo source code is controlled using CVS. Read-only access to the repository is via one of the many standard CVS client.

To access the repository using the command-line cvs client, use

   export CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@sycore.org:/var/cvsroot 
Log in and just press the Enter key, if you are asked for a password:
   cvs login
Then check-out the Netinfo sources using:

   cvs checkout netinfo



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